I played a game once, it was awful. Check out this list of really GRUMPY apps and games!

9Grumpy Cat Weather

Smile or frown every time you check the weather with the grumpiest forecast ever.
Available on: AppStore / Google Play

8Grumpy Bears

There be some grumpy teddy bears in the woods, and they be wantin’ your honey. Being a honey delivery truck has never been so dangerous.
Available on: AppStore / Google Play

7Grumpy Fox

It’s now the time to punch as many drooling apes as you can.
Available on: AppStore / Google Play

6My Grumpy Virtual Pet

Laugh at Mr. Grumpy’s crankiness and play funny pranks in this virtual pet game.
Available on: AppStore / Google Play

5Grumpy Weather

Forget all those luscious, mawkish, colorful weather apps. This one is different.
Available on: Google Play

4GrumpyBomb – Grumpy Cat Photobomb

Grumpy Cat photobombs your pics.
Available on: AppStore

3Negative Nimbus

Negative Nimbus is a game featuring an oh-so-negative little rain cloud.
Available on: Google Play

2Grumpy Cat Dog Slap

Grumpy cat wants to sleep but the nasty dogs keep barking by her bed! Help grumpy cat sleep by slapping the dogs before she gets mad.
Available on: Google Play

1Grumpy Cat: Unimpressed

This app is no longer available 🙁